We’re very excited to welcome you to the brand new Constellation Cafe.

We’re the same team, same location, but with a new brand that is all about delivering to you the best customer experience.

Mouth Watering Food

We invite you to try our brand new menu. As much as possible we like to hand make everything in house using the freshest and healthiest organic ingredients. As well as creating delicious and healthy food our head chef takes pride in beautiful food presentation. Care goes into every detail of what we do.

Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Our coffee beans are sourced as directly as possible and as sustainably as possible. We take pride in paying above market rate with the premium being reinvested in various initiatives to both improve the quality of the coffee beans and the lives of those who farm them. Once sourced our coffee is roasted just a short drive from our cafe on what we believe are the best coffee bean roasters around – the Diedrich IR24 and IR3 roasting machines. These use infrared burners providing perfect heat distribution and accurate temperature control. Allowing us to provide you with that perfect cup of coffee.

Organic Tea

Just like our coffee, all our tea is organic and sourced ethically and sustainably.

Plastic Free Environment

We’ve gone plastic free in an effort to help improve and protect our environment. All our coffee cups, and where needed our disposable cutlery and plates/bowls is fully biodegradable.

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